Please read the attached article and then reflect on the following questions.

  1. Could you be friends with a virtual cat – basically an app on your phone?
  2. How do you like to interact with other people? IRL? On the phone? By chat? Through a video call? By writing an email? Or perhaps through old-style, handwritten letters? Why do you think this is the case?
  3. Is it easier for you to call a restaurant and order over the phone or by using an app and never having to deal with a live human being? Why do you think this could be the case?
  4. Would it make a difference for you if you discovered that your friend you’ve been texting with for months turned out to be an AI? Why / why not?


Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good (Published 2019)
Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding them is a status symbol.

Please answer the questions and then watch the video. After having seen it, would you like to change some of your answers?

  1. What is, in your opinion, the purpose of friendship?
  2. What are some qualities a really good friend would have?
  3. Are you a good friend? Do you have people in your life who you’d call a good friend according to the qualities you came up with in point 2?

Artist's voice: Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin is an American photgrapher famous for very intimate portrayals of her friends.

Nan Goldin – Marian Goodman Gallery
One of the most important and influential artists of her generation, Nan Goldin has revolutionized the art of photography through her frank and deeply personal portraiture.


Watch the video and and answer the questions below.

1. When and where did the exhibition referred to in the video take the place?

2. How did her career as a photographer start?

3. How does Nan Goldin describe her family’s ‘gospel’?

4. What was her motivation to take pictures?


Kornel Stanisławski 

Kasia Szczepaniak

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