HIV/AIDS remains one of the world’s most significant public health challenges, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Read the rest of the WHO information and complete the text with the words: 

addition, current, guidelines, policies, received, result, transmission, treatment

As a ______ of recent advances in access to antiretroviral therapy (ART), HIV-positive people now live longer and healthier lives. In ________, it has been confirmed that ART prevents onward transmission of HIV.

Globally, 67% of the 38.0 million people living with HIV in 2019 were receiving ART.

Progress has also been made in preventing and eliminating mother-to-child _________ and keeping mothers alive. In 2019, 85% of all pregnant women living with HIV, or 1.1 million women, _______ antiretrovirals (ARVs).

WHO has released a set of normative _________ and provides support to countries in formulating and implementing ________ and programmes to improve and scale up HIV prevention, __________, care and support services for all people in need.

This fact file provides _______ data on the disease, and ways to prevent and treat it.

Check your answers in the original article:



Have you seen the Philadelphia movie from 1993? This is a ground-breaking picture that helped to raise awareness of AIDS as a disease that had been strongly stigmatised.

What are the consequences of social stigma for an individual?

Can you think of other diseases that are still misunderstood and surrounded by negative stereotypes?

Listen to the theme from the movie and do the task below
Fill the gaps with the appropriate forms of the verbs given below and listen again to the song to check your answers.
fit, whisper, see, bruise, vanish, feel, waste, fall, fade, greet
Bruce Springsteen Streets of Philadelphia
I was _______ and battered
And I couldn’t tell what I ______
I was unrecognizable to myself
_______ my reflection in a window
I didn’t know my own face
Oh brother are you gonna leave me ________ away
On the streets of Philadelphia
I walked the avenue till my legs felt like stone
I heard the voices of friends ________ and gone
At night I could hear the blood in my veins
Just as black and ________ as the rain
On the streets of Philadelphia
Ain’t no angel gonna ________ me
It’s just you and I my friend
And my clothes ________ me no more
I walked a thousand miles just to slip this skin
The night __________, I’m lyin’ awake
I can feel myself ________ away
So receive me brother with your faithless kiss
Or will we leave each other alone like this
On the streets of Philadelphia

Relativity of rationality

Why do we do stupid things even though we are perfectly aware of the grave consequences?

In her 2010 TED talk, Elisabeth Pisani offers engaging insight into the rationale of human choices in terms of dangerous behaviours related to sex, drugs, and HIV/AIDS, as a result.



GRAMMAR: Relative clauses

Speaking of relativity, let’s not miss the opportunity to revise relative clauses – have a look here:

Relative Clauses
Clear explanations of English relative clauses, with lots of examples and exercises.

Online practice:

Relative pronouns – who, which, whose – Exercise
Relative pronouns , Relative clauses, who, which, whose – Exercise – Learning English
Relative clauses – defining and non-defining – Test-English
Relative clauses. Defining and non-defining relative clauses. Relative pronouns with preposition, relative adverbs. Advanced English grammar exercises.


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