Family affairs

The notion of a family may have different definitions and connotations, depending on the cultural influence and personal experience.
Let’s have a look at various approaches to this very important aspect of our individual and social lives.

Family of choice – a personal perspective

What do you think of the ideas presented in the blog below?

Which of them comply with your experience?

Families are Made by Choice
The perspective of a young lady distilled in the American South's experiences while living and learning in Stuttgart, Germany.

Patchwork family and same-sex parents:

‘The Kids are All Right’


Read the extract from the film review from The Guardian and complete the text with the appropriate words related to those in the brackets. Next, check your answers in the full review provided below.

‘The Kids Are All Right’ shrewdly foregrounds and _______ (isolation) the choices made in creating a family: choices which are usually unexamined. Couples generally get together, get pregnant, maybe stay together, or not: things happen too ___________ (grade) to be noticeable. But the story of this ready-made bio-step-family is constructed in such a way that things happen suddenly and the choices are thrown into vivid, pin-sharp relief. Ruffalo’s Paul himself starts to appear less ____________ (sympathy) and less comic, and his interest in the family more parasitic, more that of an insidiously groovy emotional vampire. But at the same time, he shows himself poignantly, even tragically unprepared for the burdens of ____________ (father) thrust upon him. He can never go back to what he was before, and yet being absorbed into this family isn’t easy. It is the hardest possible juggling act for _________ (indirect) and performers alike: and yet Cholodenko and her cast carry it off with sensitivity, wit and __________ (warm).

The Guardian review – full text:

The Kids Are All Right – review
This smart comedy about a lesbian couple, their children, and the sperm donor who fathered them, is a warm, witty study of the postmodern family, writes Peter Bradshaw


Family issues in songs – child’s perspective

Who are the narrators in these songs?
What childhood experiences and traumas each of them refers to?

Being a good parent


  1. Please reflect on the following questions.
  2. What, in your opinion, are the qualities of a good parent? Do your parents make the cut?
  3. What could your mom and dad do to be better parents?

Now please watch the video and think about its content. Do you agree with it? How does it make you feel?

Blink 182 - Stay Together for the Kids


Please listen to the song.

  1. How do you interpret the title, “Stay Together for the Kids”, in light of the song’s lyrics?
  2. In your opinion, what are the lyrical I’s views on divorce and its impact on the affected children?



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