Is consumption an economically positive trend? What about its ecological aspects? How can the term be understood?
As an introduction, please read the definition at:
Now, it’s time for a historical overview.

What minimalism really looks like...

Please watch the video below and discuss the following issues with a partner or put them in writing.
  1. How many items of clothing (including pairs of shoes/boots) do you own? Do you think it’s enough? Could you cut that number in half? If so, what would you do with the clothes you don’t need/like anymore?
  2. What are the things that you and your peers currently consider “cool”, things that let others see that you are a valuable person? Air Pods? A new iPhone? The right labels on your clothes?
  3. How important is it to your peers that you have “the right stuff”? Can you earn their respect by owning expensive/cool objects?
  4. What does it mean to be a minimalist? Would you like to be one?

America's Dopamine-Fueled Shopping Addiction

Please watch the video below with the subtitles turned off and try to find the meaning of the expressions/words in the table below with a partner. If neither of you knows the meaning, look the words up in a good learner’s dictionary such as:



shopping haul

Buying a lot of things (and usually opening them in a video)


stalk the aisles


a dopamine hit


biological compulsion


despite being surrounded by abundance


a garment


returning has become more of a hassle




donate to thrift stores


a bleak future


Watch the video below and listen to the lyrics.
What are threats of modern society are portrayed here?
What are the solutions, in your opinion?

Kornel Stanisławski

Kasia Szczepaniak

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