Problems in adolescence


Teenage years may be very challenging, both for the parents or carer and the teens themselves. Let’s explore some of the aspects that tend to be problematic for adolescents today, referred to as Generation Z. Mental health Complete the text with the words related to the ones given in brackets and check your answers in […]

Plastic pollution

Woman on landfill, consumerism versus plastic pollution concept

We are all aware of the harm done by plastic pollution, but few of us know that to fix the problem we do need to understand the life cycle of this material and the products made of it. Artists and companies promote recycling and upcycling, scientists help us dig deeper and analyse the issue. How […]


Natural friendship

Please read the attached article and then reflect on the following questions. Could you be friends with a virtual cat – basically an app on your phone? How do you like to interact with other people? IRL? On the phone? By chat? Through a video call? By writing an email? Or perhaps through old-style, handwritten […]

Zero waste philosophy

Zero waste refers to a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. The module offers a wide range of materials with practical tips on how to lessen our carbon impact. Study them and use these resources to write an essay; the […]

Global warming

This module provides a collection of videos and exercises connected with the issue of global warming. Watch the National Geographic video which provides a good introduction to the subject. The next two videos show us how we can combat the climate change. The Kurzgesagt video presents us with down-to-earth solutions on how we can avert […]



Materials that may show you different points of view about human rights in societies worldwide. Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer + –> (pansexual, intersex, asexual and others) “There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are” She said, “‘Cause he made you perfect, babe” “So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far” “No […]

Family affairs

Fall family

The notion of a family may have different definitions and connotations, depending on the cultural influence and personal experience. Let’s have a look at various approaches to this very important aspect of our individual and social lives. Family of choice – a personal perspective What do you think of the ideas presented in the blog […]


Fake news headline on a newspaper

Propaganda is the more or less systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols (words, gestures, banners, monuments, music, clothing, insignia, hairstyles, designs on coins and postage stamps, and so forth). Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation or the free and easy exchange […]



What causes some people feel better than others only because they look different? What is the psychological and physiological damage caused by racism? We are not born racist. What/Who is responsible for this biased attitude?  How can we combat it? READING Task 1 Have you ever heard of Prince Philip? He’s the husband […]


old aged pair of hands retired adult caucasian taking a green live plant cactus

As we know there are various types of discrimination and different groups people discriminate against. Legislators, educators, artists, activists, writers work hard to make us more sensitive to this issue and help us do away with any form of prejudicial treatment or thinking. What groups and individuals face on a daily basis can be categorised […]