Women’s rights

Cheerful black woman holding placard, fighting for women rights

Gender inequality has been present in our society for many centuries. Women’s role was to be a stay-at-home mum who took care of the household, while men could work and develop their careers. In some countries, like China and India, the bias against women went further than discrimination and led to female infanticides. In order […]

Gender inequality

The family lawyer shares the figure of a man and a woman on scales

Women’s rights are still an important issue. Even though a big progress has been made in this regard, full gender equality hasn’t been achieved yet. Women are still experiencing discrimination in different aspects of their lives. The discrimination often comes from the representatives of the opposite gender who fail to understand that gender equality is […]

Plastic pollution

Woman on landfill, consumerism versus plastic pollution concept

We are all aware of the harm done by plastic pollution, but few of us know that to fix the problem we do need to understand the life cycle of this material and the products made of it. Artists and companies promote recycling and upcycling, scientists help us dig deeper and analyse the issue. How […]


Natural friendship

Please read the attached article and then reflect on the following questions. Could you be friends with a virtual cat – basically an app on your phone? How do you like to interact with other people? IRL? On the phone? By chat? Through a video call? By writing an email? Or perhaps through old-style, handwritten […]

Military conflicts

War in the forest

When we watch news about armed conflicts some concepts and words sound familiar or neutral, e.g. combat, rebellion, uprising, coup d’état, skirmishes, attacks, ambush, guerrilla, bombing etc., but there is a word, or rather a phenomenon, that we find difficult to comprehend in this day and age – child soldiers. To add fuel to the […]