What is an addiction? What are the causes, effects and types of addictions?


Grammar: conditionals, inversion
Artist: Eminem
Writing: An essay


Definition of Addiction
The term "addiction" can mean many things to many people. For our purposes we define addiction as follows: Addiction is the repeated involvement with
What Is Addiction?
Addiction is a complex condition, a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence. Learn more at




The Nature of Addiction





Kurzgesagt video – practice

The online document below provides a wide range of exercises created by Bednarska Szkoła Realna students from the groups Oban, Alaska & Detroit. Enjoy! 

Addictions – students' tasks
Students’ tasks for the Kurzgesagt’s Addiction video by Oban, Alaska & Detroit from Bednarska Szkoła Realna I. Ex 1) Vocabulary list: crave – pragnąć ferociously – zaciekle hip – biodro …


Critical response to Hari’s view

Have you noticed that the Kurzgesagt video is archived? Do you know why?

It is important to know different perspectives on a given subject, thus we suggest reading the article below and perhaps doing a further research on your own to decide what your opinion is…

4 Things Johann Hari Gets Wrong About Addiction—Updated With a Response From Hari | The Fix
Best known as a lying plagiarist in the UK, the disgraced journalist Johann Hari has remade himself as an addiction expert. Or has he?

Artists’s voice: Eminem

Eminem’s song “Not Afraid” is devoted to his recovery experience.

Should you decide to listen to the song, please, be aware of the strong language used in the lyrics.

Eminem Dedicates a Song to Addiction Recovery –
At his peak, Eminem was taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills a day. But now, he's "Not Afraid."

Describing his experience with overdosing (OD) methadone in 2007, Eminem said:

“Had I known what it was, I probably wouldn’t have taken it” and “Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died”.

Let’s have a closer look at ways of referring to the ‘impossible’ past and inversion in conditional sentences in general.


The Third Conditional
Information about the third conditional, including lots of practice exercises.



Writing an essay

Using information from the module materials and your own research, write an essay devoted to one of the topic below.


Essay topics

  1. Can art help us understand and deal with social issues like addiction?
  2. Stereotypes concerning addictions.
  3. ‘The opposite of addiction is connection’. Discuss. 
  4. Describe the best ways of preventing addiction among teenagers.


The guidelines on academic essay:

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